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daretocareDare to Care Partner
Dare to Care Food Bank reaches individuals facing hunger through a network of dedicated partner agencies that are committed to ending hunger in Kentuckiana. Dare to Care is proud to have such a partnership with Southeast Associated Ministries (SEAM). Dare to Care donates food from its inventory to SEAM. In turn, SEAM is on the front line, directly providing food assistance to community members in need. Dare to Care is grateful for the work SEAM does in our community each day, and for its commitment to achieving our shared vision of a hunger-free Kentuckiana. –Laura Frankrone, Partner Development


Board Member Testimony
The day I became a member of St. Mark United Methodist Church, Everett (long-time member of St. Mark) asked if I would take his place on the board at SEAM. At first I said “no” but he continued to ask every Sunday until I finally agreed. He said if I did not like it after a month I could quit.  Then he just smiled and said, "YOU WILL NOT QUIT.”handswithnote

WOW!!  That was 13 years ago and I am still devoted to SEAM.  SEAM does so much for the community and I wanted to be a part of it.  You make life time friends and you learn to help not only your community but each other. SEAM volunteers are very close and when they leave this earth, they are greatly missed.

BECAUSE SEAM CARES we can make a huge difference in lots of peoples’ lives.



Vanessa F. Hurst, Intent & Action Workshop

As a community builder, Vanessa consults with organizationslogo lower new to strengthen their compassion cultures.  She collaborates with organizations to deepen connections with current constituents and welcome new community members.  Vanessa is the author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action.
Her connection to SEAM: Vanessa facilitated a 2-part workshop, “Listening with Intent, Responding with Compassion.”  The board and staff members eagerly practiced compassionate communication and have continued to use the tools learned.