After working with Michael and his wonderful team during the production of an introduction video for SEAM (Southeast Associated Ministries), I was fortunate to see first hand how their mission to help those in need is working. Through their food programs to offering assistance in healthcare and daily expenses, it's wonderful to know that there's an organization like this that truly cares about the people they help get back on their feet and back to self sufficiency.

Chris McGill, McGill Media Productions

Dare to Care Food Bank reaches individuals facing hunger through a network of dedicated partner agencies that are committed to ending hunger in Kentuckiana. Dare to Care is proud to have such a partnership with Southeast Associated Ministries (SEAM). Dare to Care donates food from its inventory to SEAM. In turn, SEAM is on the front line, directly providing food assistance to community members in need. Dare to Care is grateful for the work SEAM does in our community each day, and for its commitment to achieving our shared vision of a hunger-free Kentuckiana.

Laura Frankrone, Partner Development