Help Feed Kids, Mind & Body Sept 13–SEAM News Issued Sept 10

Help 1,800 children & parents enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner this year with SEAM   As the cost of living keeps on going up, paychecks stay the same or go down. Hard working families find it difficult to make ends meet. Join us as the community pulls those "ends" together by donating on the BIG Day of…
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Feed Kids. Mind & Body Fall Campaign- SEAM News Issued August 23, 2018

  Here is a list of the much needed items that teachers often purchase out of their own pockets for their students/classrooms: Ticonderoga Pencils Soft Tissues Dry Erase Markers Zip Lock Baggies (gallon and quart size) All kinds of tape (packing, duct, scotch) White Out Different colors of pens for grading Hand Sanitizer/Wipes Index Cards…
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